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Dual Devils Garage is the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier car club and auction house located just 30 minutes south of Pittsburgh, off Route 79 in Houston, PA. Uncover a car lover’s paradise by becoming a member at our one of a kind facility or by joining the club online. As a member of the crew, you’ll have access to our showroom and car exhibits, private lounges, our menu and beer garden, exclusive merchandise, fun-filled car events, and collector, custom, and cool car live auctions.

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End of Season Cruise
October 15, 2022
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The Hot ROd Club

Founded in 2020 by a lifelong area car enthusiast, Dual Devils Garage combines a car club, an auction house, and a tap room under one roof. The garage got its name from Uncle Jack Boss, once President of the Dual Devils Hot Rod Club, an iconic local hot rod club of the 1950’s. The main mission of the club was that all 35 members had a responsibility to help drivers on the side of the road. This spirit of charity and philanthropy still lives on today in the new Dual Devils Garage car club. Our building dates back to 1904 when the Patsch family evolved its blacksmith business to a thriving car dealership where it sold cars for nearly 85 years.

Our goal is to connect the rich history of the hot rod and car culture of the past to the current and future collector and custom car enthusiasts by paying homage to our namesake and breathing new life into the historic garage which now serves as our club, showroom, and auction house.